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I have neck pain and migraine headaches and I bought this pillow to replace an older contour pillow I accidentally left behind on vacation (wahhh). It’s fantastic! The shaping in the middle is very comfortable and my neck gets a lot of relief from this product. The included slipcover is comfortable and neat.

Derek Thomas

My mother used to complain that her pillow was uncomfortable, so I ordered this for her to try. The shape of the pillow is good for neck support and provides a night of comfortable sleep. It comes with a soft, cotton pillow sheet. I’ve ordered many pillows before, but this one stands out and my mother loves it.

Paul Reboule

I brought this to replace my old memory foam pillow. The pillow is same as a standard size bed pillow, comes with a nice and soft pillow case. It does not have the odor so I can try it right away. The pillow has just right density for me. The foam's not hard enough to make me headache, but also not so soft that my head sinks straight down to the mattress. It offers excellent neck support on my side and my back, keeps my neck properly aligned. The pillow has helped my stiff neck a lot. This is the best pillow I've tried so far.

Emma Syall